It’s been a rocky start to 2020 for most independent and local businesses. They need the shout out and support that they deserve now more than ever! So, why should you shop local?

Here at Exmoor Distillery, we support independent businesses in their mission to provide value to local communities across the country! That’s why we’ve decided to list out the top 9 reasons why we should all start shopping more local!

Local businesses are the cornerstone of creating a healthy and balanced economy

Creating a healthy, balanced economic landscape is probably one of the most amazing assets that local businesses provide. Not only do local entrepreneurs get the opportunity to start a business, but the custom they receive contributes to the balance of wealth and opportunity across the country. Shopping locally gives people the chance to start businesses that would otherwise be near impossible to create. It thus allows an even spread of opportunity. But it doesn’t end there!

Shopping local will help to boost your local economy

Have you ever considered your local economy? It’s not just the national and global economies that can rise and fall, it’s our local ones too! It’s more important now than ever before that we protect the economic standing of local communities. Without a high-functioning local economy, services can miss out on the vital funding they need to continue. This includes welfare services and public transport in the area.

But shopping local can stop this from happening. In fact, it can do the opposite. More money spent at local businesses often leads to further local spending. This is because most local business owners buy from other local business owners.

For example, a local pub may buy in their meat from the local butchers. The local butchers will get their meat from the local farm. And the local farmers might meet at the pub every Friday and spend money there. Do you see how this works? Eventually, this leads to local businesses growing and expanding, as well as an increase in the areas tax rate and finally, more money to put into vital services such as welfare support services and public transport.

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Local job opportunities will increase, giving locals more opportunities

The more successful a local business is going to be (due to your shopping with them!), the more they’ll need to hire in some help. This opens up a wealth of opportunity in the local area, as well as a rise in employment and economic stability! Plus, those who are employed will have a steady income, so they’ll start shopping locally too! And the circle just gets bigger!

Your shopping experience will improve, along with your local connections

If an economic boost wasn’t reason enough to shop local, then we’re sure this one is! Nothing, and we mean nothing, beats the customer service, local connectedness and all-round positive experience that comes with shopping locally! Not only will you get to know your local shop owners, but you’ll always be greeted warmly by them. Independent establishments are just more friendly than supermarkets and shopping centres.

Ethical considerations and improving the environment

Have you ever come home with fruit and veg from the supermarket and wondered why on earth they felt the need to use so much plastic packaging? Yeah, we’ve been there, too! Shopping local, especially for your food, has a positive impact on the environment. Not only does it mean you are getting locally produced fruit and veg (that hasn’t been imported from overseas), but you can also get organic, free-range meat as well. Producing meat at scale often means that animals aren’t properly looked after, and shopping local can help prevent this.

Getting great deals and great advice

One of the best things about shopping locally is that you often get a great price on your goods without compromising the quality. And if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Well, then you’ll more than likely get some great advice from the business owner or employee on which other local outlets have what you need!

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Sticking to what you need and not getting sucked in

It’s all too easy to get sucked into buying things that you don’t need while out and about in a big shopping centre. The bright ads and sparkling window displays are designed to entice us inside. Once there we often end up purchasing something that we never intended to! When you shop local, it’s easier to buy high-quality items and produce that you need, rather than giving in to your ego.

Shopping local will save the character of your area

Let’s face it, you moved to your local area for a reason, right? And it was probably something to do with its aesthetic, the way it looks and its character. Chains ruin this aesthetic. If every local business and independent shop were replaced with a chain then the individual character of all local areas throughout the country would be, well, the same. The character would be gone and the aesthetic would be uniform. By shopping local, you can help to maintain the very thing that enticed you to move to your area: its character.

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Diversity draws tourism

And if saving the character of your local area wasn’t enough, then guess what that very character brings? Tourism! If each area had the same shops, then there would never be any need to explore another area. Plus, tourism drives spending, and that spending will bump up your local economy, promote more opportunity for local entrepreneurs and the cycle starts again!

Here at Exmoor Distillery, we believe in the power of independent businesses and local shopping to transform our way of life. They’re the cornerstone of creating a balanced, healthy economy while providing local entrepreneurs with the opportunity to contribute to their local communities.

With a tough start to the year for many small and independent businesses across the south-west and, indeed, the country, we hope that these reasons will encourage people to show their support and shop local.

They need it now more than ever, and their success equals your success. So, why not?