A lot can happen in two years and we’ve achieved a lot! From our award-winning gins to a soon to be released line of rums, we are proud to be celebrating a two year anniversary packed full of achievements! We also managed to fit in a hand sanitiser along the way!

So, we want to share exactly what we’ve achieved with you today! After all, without our community of fellow gin-lovers, we wouldn’t have made it even half as far!

International recognition: we achieved a double gold and gold award at the World Spirits Competition

Here at Exmoor Distillery, we love producing gin. In fact, we pride ourselves on producing the highest-quality gin around. Our passion for our product is what makes it so amazing, and what’s led us to win awards! These awards have given us international credibility in the gin market.

We won not one, but two awards in the World Spirit Competition: a double gold and a gold. We couldn’t be more proud of our gin, and thankful to all of those who have helped, encouraged and supported us!

Northmoor Classic Double Gold Award SFWSC
Northmoor Navy Gold Award SFWSC

Exmoor Distillery has achieved 2 silver medals at the London Spirits Competition

The London Spirits Competition is a prestigious competition that we are so very proud to have won two silver medals in! The competition itself is based on the quality of the spirit, value for money and finally, packaging and design! Now that’s a compliment!

So we have had both national and international recognition….

We’ve sold tens of thousands of bottles of our gin

Two years of hard work, community engagement, producing, curating, mixing and bottling later and we are proud to say that we have been able to sell tens of thousands of bottles of Northmoor and Navy Strength Gin to happy (if a wee bit tipsy!) customers. We’ve sold not just to our amazing local customers, but to people all over the world who can all enjoy the taste of Exmoor in a bottle!

We’ve created our Navy Strength Gin

It’s no easy task to pair a high alcohol content with smooth, drinkable textures. And yet John, our Head Distiller, has done just that. His meticulous approach to our gin’s ingredients – from lemon zest to juniper – has led to the creation of a 57% ABV Navy Strength Gin that tastes smooth and mellow, leaving a sweet note in the back of the throat!

Our Navy Strength Gin has become hugely popular since it’s release, and we are proud to have added another gin to Exmoor’s cabinet!

We’ve built a fantastic team on Exmoor

But we haven’t just spent this time creating and selling gin, we’ve also created a small team of distillers and employees here in the heart of Exmoor. Our small team has become a family over the years, all with a collective goal: to produce and sell high-quality spirits!

We’ll be continuing to strengthen our team over the next few years, and we can’t wait to build on the distillery’s passionate network!

We’ve gained an amazingly loyal fanbase

Because without you, we would be nothing.

We are so unbelievably flattered by the amazing fanbase and community that has been created as a result of Exmoor Distillery. It’s not just our social media pages that are full of lovely comments and people connecting over a shared interest, but it’s within our distillery too.

Welcoming people back to the distillery time and time again, or connecting with them on social media channels, is a wonderful feeling. We’ve been able to build up quite the community around Exmoor Distillery and knowing that others, local or otherwise, enjoy our gin just as much as we do makes our days worthwhile!

We’ve produced hand sanitiser during the pandemic

One of our proudest moments over the last two years has to be providing the NHS with hand sanitiser. During the global pandemic, we stayed open and were able to keep gin production going and at the request of our County Council, we also reconfigured part of our production to enable us to produce hand sanitiser for our front line services. If we can help then we always will!

Not only were we able to provide hand sanitiser to the NHS, but we were also able to distribute it to our local community here on Exmoor. Dropping some off to volunteers in the area, care homes and local shops was a genuine pleasure. We are very proud to have helped during a difficult time, and we will continue to do what we can in the future!

We’ve achieved sales on a global scale

It’s not just our local fanbase that we’ve been delivering our gin to. We’ve been selling globally! This means that people all over the world are able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the true taste of Exmoor. Being able to produce a gin that is enjoyed on a global scale brings us so much joy, and we hope to continue this journey in the future. Global sales? Achieved!

Jamie Barrow Holding Northmoor Gin
Northmoor Gin Norway

We created our own unique glass collection

There really is nothing quite like enjoying a fabulous gin in a bespoke glass. Over the past couple of years, we’ve worked with Dartington Crystal to create Exmoor Distillery’s bespoke glass collection. This includes classic Tumblers, Highball and Copa glasses too!

They’re the perfect addition to anyone’s gin cabinet, and they make for quite the special gift!

Prepared a rum for launch later this year

Now that we’ve mastered the art of gin, and been able to help people both locally and further afield to enjoy their evening tipple, we’ve started looking to the horizon. This will soon include an addition to Exmoor Distillery’s collection: a selection of rums!

We are proud to announce that we have now prepared our very own rum that will be packaged up and ready to launch later this year!

We’ve achieved a lot over 2 years and we’re so grateful for all of your support!

Finally, we want to round off this post by saying a huge thank you to you, our loyal customers and friends. We’ve built not just a successful distillery and gin, but a community as well. One that inspires and supports us every single day!

The past few years have bought us many successes, and we can’t wait to spend the next two years doing the same!

Cheers, to the past, present and future of Exmoor Distillery! And most importantly, cheers to you!

Nicola Exmoor Distillery
John working in the Distillery