Gin and vodka are both popular distilled spirits, but they have several key differences in terms of flavour, and ingredients. The difference between gin and vodka is listed here for you to discover and become a master of knowledge!


Vodka is known for its neutral flavour profile. It is distilled at a high proof to remove impurities, resulting in a clean, almost tasteless spirit. Generally encompassing only 2 ingredients water and ethanol.

Gin has a more pronounced flavour profile due to the addition of botanicals during the distillation process. Juniper berries give gin its distinctive piney and herbal flavour, while other botanicals contribute additional complexity and depth.


Vodka is distilled to achieve a high level of purity and neutrality. The goal is to remove any impurities and flavours, resulting in a clean and clear spirit.
Gin is also distilled, but it undergoes additional flavouring with botanicals. These botanicals are often added to the still during the distillation process or infused into the spirit afterward.


Another difference between gin and vodka is the cocktails that are made with them!
Vodka’s neutral flavour makes it a versatile base for a wide range of cocktails. It’s often used in drinks like the Martini, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, and Moscow Mule.

Gin’s distinct botanical flavour makes it a key ingredient in classic cocktails such as the Gin and Tonic, Negroni, Tom Collins, and Gin Martini.


Vodka is typically clear and colourless.
While most gins are clear like vodka, some aged or barrel-aged gins may take on a slight colour from the aging process.


Vodka must be a minimum of 37.5%.

Gin must be a minimum of 37.5%.


Another difference between gin and vodka are variations.

In more recent times brands have added flavouring to Vodka to make a flavoured Vodka that can be a fruit or a sweet tasting desert like chocolate or toffee. You may also have seen Vodka liquors generally these types of flavoured products use artificial ingredients.

There are also botanical Vodkas where true artists will add a few botanicals during the distillation process to create a botanical vodka, spending time on recipe development with natural ingredients can lead to some of the finest Vodka’s on the market. Creating something unique that is not already on the market!

In summary, the difference between gin and vodka are ingredients, flavour profiles, distillation processes, and usage in cocktails. Gin is characterised by its botanical flavours, namely juniper, while vodka is judged for its neutrality or smoothness.

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