Exmoor Valley of the Rocks. Created with our award winning handmade British rum. This rare and incredible drink will leave an impression of Exmoor that will stay with you for life! Exmoor Valley of the Rocks.

Method – Blend all ingredients and garnish and serve!

  • 50ml Exmoor Rum
  • 2 Large Ice Cubes
  • Add purified water to achieve desired ABV.

Method – Add Ice, Pour Rum and use purified water to set your ABV as desired.

Okay so the Exmoor Valley of the Rocks cocktail is simply Exmoor Rum over Ice, but it’s so much more than that so you must read on.

Exmoor Rum is Exmoor Distillery’s flagship rum, a molasses-based Rum which is fermented, distilled and aged, for a minimum of 3 years in house. All casks of Exmoor Rum are filled by hand by John and Nicola making a truly a limited supply. With such a wide variety of cask finishes slowly maturing a visit to Exmoor Distillery is a great day out.

Exmoor Rum is forging its own category “British Aged Rum” this will be an emerging category over the next few years with larger retailers taking note and filling their shelves. Currently there is no designation for what British Rum is, so we had to make one! For us it’s simple, fermented, distilled and aged in house, even better if it’s bottled and labelled on site, as Exmoor Rum is.

Exmoor Rum has already in less than a year been awarded 4 awards at the World Rum Awards, including the best new release. It has beaten some huge industry players to these awards so as you can imagine we are delighted with how Exmoor Rum is performing.

Exmoor Rum is currently stocked with Berry Bros & Rudd and direct through our website shop here. Although stock is very limited, please do get in touch if it is sold out online. We are always releasing new casks, so our web shop is kept updated. Earlier releases are sold out including Cask 001 and Cask 002.

Exmoor Rum is for those who enjoy the finer things in life, rather than the everyday normal.

If you are interested in purchasing a whole cask of Exmoor Rum, it is something that we would consider under the right circumstances. Credit to Exmoor National Park (ENPA) for the photo.