Hard work, determination and a passion for what you do can take you a long way. Here at Exmoor Distillery, we are pleased to announce that our Northmoor Classic and Navy Strength Gin have won Gold Medals in the San Francisco World Spirit Competition! In fact, we’re one of only 24 gins from around the world to achieve double gold, and we’re one of seven in the UK!

So how did Exmoor Distillery win gold, and why is this such a highly respected award in the industry?

What is the San Francisco World Spirit Competition?

The San Francisco World Spirit Competition, also known as the SFWSC, was founded in the year 2000 and has since grown into one of the world’s most prestigious spirit competitions. Winning a medal from the SFWSC is one of the highest badges of honour that spirits can get, not least due to the trusted palates of some of the most esteemed spirit judges around.

Why is the SFWSC so highly respected in the industry?

With world-renowned spirit judges whose reputation for integrity precedes them, the San Francisco World Spirit Competition really is as accurate as you can get. But what makes it so respected? Well, they’re based on three key goals, and it’s easy to see how these have lifted this competition in the hearts and minds of spirit-lovers across the globe.

Firstly, the SFWSC has a legacy behind it. With around two decades of experience in judging spirits behind the competition, it is one of the oldest. They have refined what it means to hold this competition, and they certainly take the process seriously!

Secondly, the SFWSC has integrity in their judging. This is one of the reasons that the San Francisco World Spirit Competition is so prestigious; the way they judge is irrevocably trusted. Every spirit is given 100% equal consideration, the judges are even blindfolded during the process!

Thirdly, the SFWSC is all about trust and experience. Each of their judges has a story, and they all instil impartiality into the judging process. A medal from one of these seasoned experts is based on the highest possible calibre of quality.

What awards did Exmoor Distillery win in the spirit competition?

Having taken a good look at the prestigious SFWSC, and having seen how valuable and highly strung their awards are, it’s now time to divulge which awards we here at Exmoor Distillery have won! Our smooth and unique blend is being recognised as one of the top gins on the market! So, which awards did we win?

Northmoor Classic gets a double gold medal

Our very own Northmoor Classic Gin has won the double gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirit Competition! As one of the world’s leading spirit competitions, winning this prestigious award has been an absolute pleasure!

Northmoor Navy Strength gets a gold medal

Not only has our flagship Northmoor Classic Gin won gold, but our Northmoor Navy Strength Gin has won gold as well! With unparalleled judging and world-renowned prestige, this award demonstrates just how delicious both our Classic and Navy Strength Gins are!

Northmoor Classic Double Gold Award SFWSC
Northmoor Navy Gold Award SFWSC

So, how did we win gold at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition?

Winning gold for both our Gins has been a huge honour. In fact, we’re one of just 24 gins from across the globe to land a double gold medal! So, we want to share with you just how we managed to win…

#1 45 variations before our gin “came alive”

While searching for the perfect blend of botanicals, our Head Distiller John, tested over 45 variations before landing on the perfect blend. Determined to get the taste just right, John carefully selected a combination of ingredients. He tested the gin as he went, before landing on the smooth and punchy flavour that we have today! John’s dedication to producing a Gin with an unparalleled flavour has certainly led to this prestigious expert approval.

#2 Carefully chosen botanicals

During John’s and Nicola’s journey to find the perfect blend of Gin, John experimented with many different botanicals. While we can’t divulge exactly what the secret ingredients are, we can give you a sneak peek into the kinds of ingredients used!

“Our mix is a carefully guarded secret but Northmoor Classic, made with Exmoor water from a nearby borehole contains ten botanicals including coriander, angelica root, rowan berries, grains of paradise and kaffir lime leaves” – John, Head Distiller

#3 Using modern technology in the distilling process

Dedicated to producing the perfect gin consistently, John knew that only the highest quality distilling technology would do. The IStill, known to be one of the most advanced distillation machines in its field, has enabled John to produce spirits that are 100% consistent. This means that each bottle of Northmoor or Navy Strength Gin will have the same perfectly blended spirit within it!

#4 Exmoor in a bottle

Exmoor Distillery is located in the rolling hills of the Exmoor countryside. John and Nicola, the business owners, have lived in Exmoor for years. Their award-winning Gin embodies their love for the gorgeous surroundings that they’re in! Northmoor Gin’s design and flavour not only represents their exquisite rural backdrop, but it encapsulates it as well. John and Nicola have captured the taste of Exmoor and replicated it bottle by bottle. No matter where you are in the world, you can taste the true nature of Exmoor.

“We are trying to replicate the true feeling of Exmoor in a bottle” – John, Head Distiller

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So there we have it. With over 45 variations tested, experiments leading to the perfect blend of ingredients, the introduction of modern technology and a clear focus on the feeling of Exmoor, it really is no wonder that our small distillery has won gold! So, what do John and Nicola have to say about this esteemed achievement?

John and Nicola’s reaction to the awards

The San Francisco World Spirit Competition is a prestigious competition well known for its expert judges, integrity and accuracy. John and Nicola are incredibly proud of the gold medals that have been awarded to both their Gins.

Here’s John’s reaction…

“We are incredibly thrilled to win this global award. We have been trading for less than two years and to receive such an award now justifies all of the efforts we have gone to. Our products are now truly world class. The aim has always been quality above all else and that has now been recognised by some of the world’s leading professionals. It gives us a real sense of pride to be able to pass the news onto our ever-growing band of loyal customers.” – John, Head Distiller

Here’s Nicola’s reaction…

“We have captured the true essence of Exmoor and won one of the most prestigious awards in the industry! This gives us immense pride. We feel that we have started something special here on Exmoor” – Nicola, Co Founder

John and Nicola

That’s it from Exmoor Distillery…

Here at Exmoor Distillery, we are so proud to have gained such a highly esteemed award for our gin, and it has motivated us to continue growing and producing the spirits that you love. We are working hard to produce more over the coming years and we are looking forward to all the challenges that they’ll bring.

We want to take a moment to say thank you to all our loyal customers and friends, without whom Exmoor Distillery would be much less than it is today.

Cheers, to plenty more years of distilling!