Here at Exmoor Distillery, we are so proud of how our community has pulled together in this time of need. That’s why we want to share some of the amazing things that are happening in Exmoor at the moment. It’s our way of saying thank you to our amazing neighbours and friends!

It has happened throughout our history. In times of need, the community has come together to do good. All over the country, people have been working together to help. From care package deliveries and volunteering with the NHS to free school resources, we’re all working together to help.

Exmoor National Park is helping to feed families

With major supermarket delivery slots booked up, local shops closed and a restriction on footfall across the country, some rural households are finding it difficult to source food. Plus, those who are vulnerable are completely locked down so leaving the house is not an option. But the Exmoor Park Rangers have been working around the clock to make sure that all those in need are getting their food.

Exmoor National Park has teamed up with The Morland Federation of Schools to help feed those in rural areas, and they’ve seen teams of Park Rangers paired with teams of teachers to make this happen! Take a look at a little more information in their press release!

Exmoor sign 2

Exmoor Distillery’s Hand Sanitiser – helping the NHS

With all the amazing things that people are doing in Exmoor, we knew that we wanted to get involved. We’ve been helping our community in the fight against coronavirus by manufacturing hand sanitiser.

Hand Sanitiser

We’ve taken the time to create our all-new hand sanitiser. Knowing that we are able to provide people with the means to protect themselves has made us very proud indeed.

Supplying the NHS and local charities with hand sanitiser

Our first batch of hand sanitiser was reserved especially for the NHS, to show our gratitude for their work. We are incredibly proud of our health service and being able to help protect them is very humbling indeed.

We’ve also been dropping off our sanitiser to local charities and shops to help protect the community. We know this is a difficult time to get hold of sanitiser, and it is vital in protecting people against the spread of germs. If we have the means to help, then we will!

Exmoor Hand Sanitiser

Bampton Fresh’s food delivery service

With all the chaos in the world at the moment, this local produce outlet really has risen to the challenge! The family-run fruit and vegetable shop have set up a website so that their local customers can now order their products online. This will help reduce footfall in the area, as well as enabling their customers to continue getting the organic food that they love! You can head to the Bampton Fresh website to check out their new online shop.

Not only that, but Bampton Fresh has also paired up with Blundells School in order to redistribute food and help nonprofit organisations. They’re selling food boxes from local suppliers to people in Tiverton, and any profit made will go to Churches Housing Action Team: CHAT. What a wonderful way to help the community!

Exmoor: Porlock’s community volunteers

Porlock is a small and picturesque place, but it is very remote. With many delivery slots from major supermarkets booked up and a population with many elderly people, it’s definitely one of the more vulnerable places in Exmoor. But the community has banded together! 114 volunteers signed up to help the elderly and the vulnerable, and the Porlock Visitor Centre was set up as a phone line to organise the help.

Together, the community in Porlock are working to create a safe environment for all!

Tarr Farm is giving a free stay to 8 members of the NHS or Keyworkers

A small hotel based in beautiful Exmoor, Tarr Farm Inn is offering a free stay to 8 members of the NHS or keyworkers. This amazing gesture is their way of saying thank you to those workers that are vital to keeping the country going. You can take a look at the Tarr Farm Facebook page to find out more.


Wild Wellies offers preschool classes online

Wild Wellies offer a natural preschool for those looking to explore the great outdoors! But with all the lockdown restrictions we now have in place, the team have gone virtual. This gives parents some great resources to teach their younger children from home. Letting children learn about nature through storytelling and creativity is amazing, and they need it now more than ever! You can find their resources on the Wild Wellies Facebook page.

Visit Exmoor’s virtual visits!

If there is one thing we are really missing here at the Distillery, it’s definitely being able to get out and enjoy some of the most beautiful places to walk on Exmoor. But the rugged landscape, the wildlife and the beauty doesn’t have to go unseen. Visit Exmoor have kept us topped up with photos and videos of Exmoor on their social media pages. So, we can get our fix of the outdoors from home!

Bringing Exmoor into the homes of people across the country is wonderful. This place brings so much calm and joy to so many people. Look out for #VirtualExmoor on your social pages!

Further afield: the Devon farmer who made an amazing tribute

A farmer in Devon got creative with his tribute to the NHS. He used his tractor to mow #NHS into his field. You can watch the drone footage that reveals this amazing tribute on Devon Live. You can also read the full story there too!

Do you know of any good deeds in Exmoor?

There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world right now, but please remember that there’s also a huge amount of good, too. Especially in our home, Exmoor, where our friends and neighbours have banded together like never before for the sake of protecting one another. We’ve never been more proud of our amazing community.

If you know of any good deeds that you think we should acknowledge then let us know on social media. We’d love to hear about the positive things happening on Exmoor at the moment!

From all of us here at Exmoor Distillery, stay safe and keep doing good!