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Northmoor Classic Gin, 70cl

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Winner of Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Awards is our Northmoor Gin.

Named after the historic estate of Northmoor, nestled amongst the steep wooded valleys on the southern edge of Exmoor, our gin is a delight for the discerning gin connoisseur. Light on the lips, this full-bodied gin, with 44% ABV, has a punchy three-dimensional taste, leaving a deliciously smooth flavour at the back of the mouth.


Transcend your knowledge of spirits with Northmoor Classic Gin, the quintessential premium gin crafted by owner and master distiller, John Smith, of Exmoor Distillery. This extraordinary artisan gin has proudly earned the prestigious Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, establishing itself as a classic in the world of premium gin.

Premium Gin Excellence – Named after the historic estate of Northmoor, this artisan gin embodies the heritage and elegance of a bygone era. Every bottle carries a legacy of distinction. Hand bottled and Hand Labelled at Exmoor Distillery in Somerset.

Crafted to Perfection – At 44% ABV, Northmoor Classic Gin is a full-bodied masterpiece that delivers a punchy three-dimensional taste. Its meticulous recipe creation over 10 years showcases the dedication of John Smith, making it a hallmark of artisan gin craftsmanship.

Tailored for Discerning Clients – Northmoor Classic Gin is designed for the discerning client who seeks the finer things in life. As a premium gin brand, it offers a sensory journey that is both sophisticated and unrivalled.

A Taste of Tradition – Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of juniper, citrus, and a secret selection of botanicals. Northmoor Classic Gin is a London Dry style classic gin that takes you on a flavourful journey through the untamed beauty of Exmoor and beyond!

Northmoor Classic Gin is more than a drink; it’s an artful expression of timeless tradition combined with modern craftsmanship. Experience the lightness on the lips, the full-bodied richness, and the deliciously smooth flavour that lingers at the back of the mouth. Embrace Northmoor Gin and enjoy the essence of premium gin at its finest.

Northmoor Classic Gin is fine enough to sip neat over ice, savouring Northmoor Gin in its purest form. Pour it over ice, along with a slice allowing its complex botanicals to unfold gracefully on your palate.

Alternatively, for those who appreciate the classic, refreshing charm of a Gin and Tonic, Northmoor Classic Gin is the ideal choice. Combine it with a high-quality tonic experience a dance of flavours that creates a G&T with delightful citrus notes.

In the world of mixology, Northmoor Classic Gin takes its place as the premium gin of choice. Whether you’re crafting a timeless Martini, a zesty Negroni, or your own signature creation, our gin elevates every cocktail to a new level of sophistication and flavour.

John & Nicola’s perfect serve

  • Start with a Dartington Cystal High Ball Glass
  • Fill with plenty of ice
  • Double measure of Northmoor Classic Gin
  • Fever Tree premium Indian tonic water
  • Garnish with a slice of lemon

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