Ah, Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year for gin gifts.

The high-streets are filling up with shoppers, Christmas tunes are beginning to play and trees are being decorated in windows all over the country. December is well and truly upon us.

But with all the joy that Christmas brings, you may have started thinking about what gifts to give to your loved ones. Well, here at Exmoor Distillery we believe that the best gift you can give is a gorgeously tasting and oh-so-premium gin (who wouldn’t love that?!).

So, show the gin-lover in your life that you truly care with some of these tips on creating bespoke gin gift sets and buying right for gin enthusiasts!

#1 The Big Bottle Classic or Navy Strength?

Deciding on the perfect type of gin to gift your loved ones with is important, and finding the taste that they love will definitely earn you some brownie points!

Here at Exmoor Distillery, we distil two types of gin that both emulate soft and woody flavours. Our Northmoor Gin is a complex blend of botanicals that produces a deliciously smooth and full-bodied taste, while our Northmoor Navy Strength couples a textured flavour with higher alcohol content (great for inducing that woozy post-Christmas dinner feel!).

So, whether you are looking for a classic, premium taste, or whether you are looking for something a little more intoxicating and rich, we have you covered! For a super exciting gift, you could include multiple bottles of gin. Now that’s a present we know we’d love to receive!

#2 The Gintastic Gift Box

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like an artisan gin gift box! By packaging our bottles of gin into carefully contoured boxes that display the Exmoor Distillery logo, we have created a truly unique way to give the gift of gin this Christmas. These gift boxes will make a great addition to any botanical-lovers drinks cabinet!

Top Tip: Personalising Your Gin Gift Giving

Taking the time to create a gift set for your loved ones is a really great way to add a personal touch to your gift-giving endeavours. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your very own gin gifts:

  • Multiple gin gifts: Wrap bottles of gin, gin edibles and gin glasses in a bouquet of tissue paper for an elegant presentation of multiple gifts.
  • Handwritten messages: Polish up your gin Christmas presents with a lovely hand-written message. Take the time to think about what you want to say!
  • Personal delivery: Delivering your bespoke gift in person is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you, and you may just get to try a tipple with them too!

#3 Give the taster gift with 3x 5cl Gins

We all love a little sip of gin from time to time (or most weekends!), so why not gift that special someone with three miniature Northmoor Gins this Christmas? These cute gifts are presented in our all-new Exmoor Distillery packaging and they make for quite the exciting stocking-fillers indeed.

#4 Drink Fancy With Gin Copa Glasses

As long-standing lovers of gin here at Exmoor Distillery, we know just how important all aspects of the gin drinking experience are! Gin is, of course, at the top of our list. In close second we place tonic. But just after that? The glass!

There is nothing we love more than sitting by the fire on a cold winter’s day with a bespoke Exmoor Distillery glass full of gin and tonic. From classic Highball glasses and tumblers to our elegant gin copa glasses, sipping from the right glass can be the difference between a good and an amazing G&T.

We really do have some special gin glasses to choose from. They were crafted by Dartington Crystal and they make the perfect addition to any gin gift set!

#5 The Best Stocking Fillers Around

Gin lovers are always over the moon to receive an artisan gin that they haven’t tried before, or even just one that they really really love, but there are some other gin-tastic stocking fillers that you might not have thought of yet. Here are just a few of the presents that we’d love to receive alongside a bottle of Northmoor!

Lemons and limes

Popping some lemons and limes into your gin gift set will give it a real authentic feel. Plus, they’ll look super cute amongst Christmas wrapping and glasses! You could even add other garnishes into your gin stocking filler list. Things like Juniper berries, orange peel and mint can really bring out the flavours in gin and they’ll be greatly appreciated by any gin

Don’t forget the tonic

You know what they say; variety is the spice of life. Fill some stockings with different flavours and types of tonics to give your special gin-lover some choice. Here at Exmoor Distillery we love a classic Indian tonic, but pomegranate, grapefruit, cucumber and clementine tonics are also high on our list!

#6 Fill Up On Just The Right Amount

Christmas is a time for many lovely things. It’s a time of giving, a time to celebrate family and friends. It’s a time to reflect on all of the things that we are grateful for. But one of the things that we love the most about Christmas is the joy that our very own Northmoor Gin brings as it’s opened up by the recipient of a gift. And it isn’t just the full bottles that we have available. Our 35cl bottles of gin mean that you can give that special someone a real taste of Exmoor. Now that’s a gin gift worth giving.

#7 Visit Exmoor Distillery

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a gin distillery tour! We are open from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 5:00 and some weekends (when we’re not showing off our Northmoor Gin at a local trade show or event), so popping into the distillery to find out how our gin is distilled is a truly personal Christmas day out!

Whether you want to pick out the perfect gin gifts in person, or whether you just want to learn about gin and have a tipple with the team, we’re here to welcome you! Plus, with so many amazing things to do in Exmoor, there really is no reason not to visit!

From full-bodied bottles of Navy Strength and 35cl bottles of Northmoor Classic right the way through to elegant gin copa glasses and 5cl gift boxes, we really do have your gin Christmas presents sorted!

So from now until the 25th December…

Merry Christmas

From John, Nicola and the Exmoor Distillery team!