Introducing our First Rum!

After a lot of tasting, teasing and anticipation, we’re proud to announce the release of our first Rums. John has spent many months perfecting the recipe and after a lot of hard work taste testing too(!), we’ve achieved not just one but two a premium spirits with incredible flavour.


Wanting to produce only the best quality spirit, before the pandemic Nicola and John did their research in the home of Rum. They visited Barbados and had VIP tours of both the Mount Gay Distillery and Foursquare Distillery to learn more about the production process.

The Process…

Back in December 2020 we had a very exciting delivery. After John was tracking its journey religiously, our purpose built 2,500 litre fermentation tank finally arrived in a box as almost as big as our distillery shop! After a few pushes and shoves we managed to get the tank into position and is now a key piece of equipment in the distillery to produce our rum and other fermented products in the future.

As one of very few rums to be produced from scratch in the UK, we do everything in house. First we use the highest grade molasses and ferment it with a specific yeast strain and our own carefully chosen nutrients for 6 days in our fermentation tank. The product is then pumped into our stills for a combination of pot distillation to preserve flavour and column distillation to refine the spirit to a smooth premium product.

The Result…

Blackmoor Silver Rum 42%

Blackmoor Silver Rum is a traditional white rum at 42%ABV. A hand crafted, superior spirit, inspired by John and Nicola’s research trip to Barbados. Made from 100% fermented molasses in our distillery in Dulverton.

Blackmoor Spiced Rum 42%

Using our Blackmoor Silver Rum as the base we infuse the spirit with carefully selected spices that work in harmony to produce a smooth rum with plenty of flavour. Looking as good as it tastes, the spices make for a golden hue.

Why Blackmoor?

Our Distillery is established in Dulverton which is also known as the southern gateway to Exmoor. Exploring Exmoor boundary to boundary, Blackmoor Gate is known as the western gateway to Exmoor and tada, Blackmoor Rum was born!

Using a compass at the heart of the label, it gives a sense of direction and adventure and is a nod to traditional pirates and rum smuggling too.

The patterns that sit in the background are from the famous Lorna Doone book written by RD Blackmore. The Blackmore family owned much of the land around Blackmoor Gate and the surrounding valleys were used as inspiration for novel. Blackmoor Gate was subsequently named after the Blackmore family.

Shake it!

Blackmoor Rum is a premium spirit. It can be sipped neat, mixed with ginger beer or cola for a traditional rum and coke or can be used in a premium cocktail…

Passionfruit Daiquiri

A sweet sipping Daiquiri with Blackmoor Silver Rum, passionfruit and garnished with lime.

50ml Blackmoor White Rum
1 Passionfruit
25ml Lime Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
Lime for garnish

Scoop out the passionfruit into a cocktail shaker. Add all ingredients, shake then strain into a cocktail glass.

Dark and Stormy – Blackberry Mule

Blackmoor Spiced Rum with ginger beer and lime.

50ml Blackmoor Spiced Rum
100ml Ginger Beer, chilled
2-3 Mint Leaves
5-6 Fresh Blackberries, plus extra for garnish
Lime Wedge for garnish

Crush the blackberries into shaker, mix all ingredients together except the ginger beer. Garnish with extra blackberries and lime wedge.

Try it yourself..

Both our Silver and Spiced rums are now available online for Nationwide delivery and in our distillery shop in Dulverton. We have FREE delivery on orders over £35 so it’s never been easier to get Rum from the moor to your door!

What does the future hold?…

We’ve started laying down barrels for an aged rum in the future and have just announced a Botanical Vodka coming soon!

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