Introducing our Northmoor Barrel Rested Navy Reserve Gin…

As we welcome in another year, John has been busy perfecting recipes in the Distillery, creating yet another high quality spirit to add to our range of Northmoor Gin’s.

With slightly different ingredients to our signature Navy Strength Gin, this 57% ABV spirit has been resting in ex bourbon barrels for a minimum of 6 months, giving it a truly unique taste and vibrant colour.

Our Barrels

Originating from Tennessee, our heavily charred oak barrels once held bourbon whiskey for 3 years. The internal charring allows for the infusion of unique flavours into the gin, resulting in a slightly smoky taste. But the rich flavours don’t stop there… The charring of the barrel also allows a deeper interaction with the spirt, releasing caramel flavours and a sweetness from the remaining bourbon, leaving a smooth full bodied Navy Strength Gin.

What makes it Navy Strength?

Dating back to the days of gunpowder and cannons on ships, the means of testing the strength of a spirit was to douse a sample of gunpowder with the spirit and strike it. If the gunpowder ignited the spirit was ‘proven’ to be good. This subsequently developed to the term 100 proof which today equals to 57% ABV in the UK scale.

I don’t suggest you try and light your gin at home!

Looks as good as it tastes…

The vibrant colour of the finished spirit: a golden mellow orange, visually differentiates the bottle from our signature Navy Strength. It’s labels colours have been carefully thought out to reflect the interior of the charred barrels and deep rich flavours with yellow swirls highlighting the taste infusion and flames from the charring process.

The best way to drink it?

This sophisticated, versatile spirit can be drunk neat over ice, with a whole host of mixers or as an ingredient in a premium cocktail. As a quick pour, we think it pairs particularly well with Ginger Ale and a slice of orange, although the options are only limited by your imagination.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Before Christmas we released a few bottles to local gin lovers and got a wonderful response. We love seeing pictures of our customers enjoying any of our products so feel free to tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram so we don’t miss any!

Try it yourself.

Northmoor Navy Reserve Gin now available online for Nationwide delivery and in our distillery shop in Dulverton. We have FREE delivery on orders over £35 so its never been easier to get our Gin from the moor to your door!