What a great review and news-paper article from Lawrence John at the Somerset County Gazette 

We had the pleasure of showing Lawrence around the distillery on the 16th September 2018 where he took details and also photo’s. All information was then printed in the Somerset County Gazette – Click Here for the full online article and more information….

Lawrence goes on to say…

In their own words they explained this is where they ‘distil one of the UK’s finest small batch artisan gins’.

“The gin market is crowded, but we believe our gin is a classic London dry gin which is complex and has what I would call a three dimensional taste.

“You can sip it neat but when you add a mixer like tonic water or put it into cocktails then our gin comes alive.”

To make Northmoor Gin ‘come alive’, John has infused it with 10 botanicals which he has blended with juniper berries which forms the basis of any gin.