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Blackmoor Silver Rum Hamper

£62.00 Inc. VAT

This Hamper includes:

All snacks have been removed from this hamper. Pictures will be updated shortly.

1 x 70cl bottle of Blackmoor Silver Rum (42%)
1 x Dartington Crystal x Exmoor Distillery Highball Glass
2 x Tonics/ Mixers. (Will be subject to variation)
1 x Bottle Pourer Spout

Hampers can have an added gift note at checkout and can be mailed to the UK only.


Blackmoor Silver Rum Hamper: A Symphony of British Craft Rum full of flavour!

The Blackmoor Silver Rum Hamper, a luxurious ensemble that brings together the finest elements of craftsmanship and sophistication. Blackmoor Silver Rum, boasting a smooth 42% ABV, takes center stage in this exquisite rum hamper. Accompanied by a Dartington Crystal highball glass, a sleek pourer, and two 200ml bottles of Franklin & Sons Cola, this collection promises an unparalleled journey into the world of premium spirits.

White Rum Hamper with Elegance:

Named after the enchanting Blackmoor Gate on Exmoor, this silver rum is a celebration of the art of distillation. At 42% ABV, Blackmoor Silver Rum is a masterful blend of strength and smoothness, delivering a three-dimensional taste that reflects the dedication poured into its creation. Every bottle is a testament to the rich prestige and craftsmanship of John’s distillation process.

Crafted to Perfection, Served in Style:

Handcrafted with precision, Blackmoor Silver Rum is a testament to perfection. The hamper’s inclusion of a sleek pourer ensures a seamless and controlled pour, allowing you to appreciate the intricate flavours and smooth finish that define this exceptional silver rum. Served in the Dartington Crystal highball glass, the visual and sensory experience is elevated to new heights.

Franklin & Sons Cola, the Perfect Pairing:

To complement the silver rum, the hamper features two 200ml bottles of Franklin & Sons Cola. This premium cola, known for its exceptional quality, is the perfect companion to Blackmoor Silver Rum. Together, they create a harmonious symphony of flavours, allowing you to craft the perfect rum and cola experience. Pairing is subject to availability.

Versatility in Every Sip:

Whether enjoyed neat over ice, as the foundation for classic cocktails, or paired with the included Franklin & Sons Cola, Blackmoor Silver Rum is a versatile spirit that caters to the refined palate. The white rum gift hamper invites you to explore the nuances of this exceptional British white rum in various ways, ensuring a tailored and delightful experience with every sip.

The Ideal Gift for Connoisseurs:

Blackmoor Silver Rum is not just a go to rum it’s a thoughtful gift for rum connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Its exquisite presentation makes it an ideal choice for special occasions, celebrations, or as a sophisticated treat for those who appreciate the art of fine rum.

The Blackmoor Silver Rum Hamper – an extraordinary ensemble that encapsulates the essence of craftsmanship and refinement. Cheers to the symphony of flavours, the art of presentation, and the exceptional experience that awaits in every sip of Blackmoor Silver Rum.


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