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Multipack Miniatures 6x5cl

£29.95 Inc. VAT

(1 customer review)

A gift pack containing 6 X 5cl’s.

  1. Northmoor Classic Gin 5cl
  2. Northmoor Navy Gin 5cl
  3. Northmoor Navy Reserve 5cl
  4. Blackmoor Spiced Rum 5cl
  5. Blackmoor Silver Rum 5cl
  6. Barle Valley Vodka 5cl


Exmoor Distillery’s Spirit Sampler Alcohol Gift Pack: Crafted Excellence
Discover the essence of Exmoor Distillery’s artistry with the alcohol miniature gift set – a meticulously curated collection that invites you to embark on a tasting journey through the distillery’s finest creations. This gift pack features six 5cl alcohol miniatures, each representing a distinct expression of Exmoor Distillery’s dedication to craftsmanship and flavour innovation.

The Lineup of Exceptional Alcohol miniatures:

Northmoor Classic Gin 5cl Miniature:

Experience the timeless elegance of Northmoor Classic Gin. This quintessential gin captures the essence of Exmoor Distillery’s artisanal expertise, showcasing juniper, citrus, and secret botanicals in a harmonious blend that stands as a testament to the art of premium gin.

Northmoor Navy Strength Gin 5cl Miniature:

Unleash the power and character of Northmoor Navy Strength Gin. With a robust 57% ABV, this gin delivers a punchy taste that resonates with strength and complexity, offering a spirited journey through bold flavours and a juniper-forward profile.

Northmoor Navy Reserve Gin 5cl Miniature:

Elevate your tasting experience with the Navy Reserve Gin, a uniquely aged expression that marries the intensity of navy strength with the nuanced elegance of aging. This gin is a celebration of complexity and refinement.

Blackmoor Spiced Rum 5cl Miniature:

Infuse warmth and aromatic richness with Blackmoor Spiced Rum. A medley of spices complements the smoothness of Blackmoor Silver Rum, creating a spirited blend that evokes the comforts of the holiday season.

Blackmoor Silver Rum 5cl Miniature:

Savor the sophistication of Blackmoor Silver Rum. This smooth and refined rum embodies the artistry of Exmoor Distillery, offering a taste experience that reflects the dedication and care infused into every bottle.

Barle Valley Vodka 5cl Miniature:

Embrace the purity of Barle Valley Vodka. This pristine spirit captures the essence of winter’s clarity, providing a crisp and clean finish that refreshes the palate and showcases the versatility of Exmoor Distillery’s craft.

The Perfect Gift for Connoisseurs:

Exmoor Distillery’s alcohol miniature gift set is not just a collection of spirits; it’s a thoughtful alcohol gift set for spirits connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. The exquisite lineup offers a comprehensive tasting experience, allowing recipients to explore the diverse range of flavours and craftsmanship that define Exmoor Distillery.

1 review for Multipack Miniatures 6x5cl

  1. Veronica webb (verified owner)

    My family thoroughly enjoyed sampling the miniature bottles. My Husband’s favourite was the spiced rum, my sister’s was the white rum, my niece and myself enjoyed the gin. So all in all they went down very well.

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