Oh, we do love a good gin quiz!

We’ve been distilling gin here at Exmoor Distillery for quite some time now, and we’ve grown a good (and sometimes bizarre!) working knowledge of this unique spirit. From unexpected health benefits and distilling processes, right the way through to gin’s interesting history, we’ve learnt it all!

So take a look at some gin quiz questions, answers and fun facts and get to know this amazing spirit for yourself!

Can gin help you lose weight?

When most people go on a diet they turn to vegetables, soup and, well, cutting down on alcohol. Gin, however, may just be the answer to your prayers!

Gin has been proven to speed up the metabolism and this, in turn, can aid in the burning of calories! Furthermore, the drink is often paired with a nice refreshing tonic, rather than sugar-filled alternatives such as the classic vodka-and-coke combo.

Does gin go off?

Those of you who like an every-so-often gin are in luck. Gin is said to have an almost infinite shelf life! Although it is best to drink an opened bottle within the year (otherwise you might compromise the taste!), unopened bottles can last a very long time indeed!

So, if you fancy a tipple but you don’t want to drink the entire bottle within the year then you may want to look into buying smaller quantities. Both our Northmoor Classic and Navy Strength Gin come in 35cl options. Perfect for those of you who like a small taste!

What is gin made of?

The question “what is gin made of?” can be a little tricky to answer. There are so many different methods used when creating a gin that the answer can vary quite a lot! Its primary ingredients include a neutral base spirit, Juniper berries and various other botanicals, as well as a minimum strength of 37.5% ABV.

Here’s John, our Head Distiller, talking about some of the ingredients that go into Northmoor Gin:

What gin goes with what tonic?

Now, this is one of our favourite gin quiz questions! All gin types have their own distinct flavour and each tonic does too, so finding the perfect match can take some trial and error. But don’t worry, here at Exmoor Distillery we have years of experience in tasting different flavours!

Full-bodied, distinctive gin botanicals and flavours, like our Northmoor Gin, tend to go best with simple tonics. This means that you get to really taste the gin, rather than having it diluted by sugar.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, a more subtle gin paired with bitter lemon or clementine tonic will do the trick.
Some more fruity gins can work really well with fruity tonic counter-parts. A grapefruit tonic, for example, will give your drink a fruit-cocktail twist.

Fun Fact: Playing with your gin and tonic garnish is another great way to twist up those flavours. Using lime, grapefruit, cucumber, mint and even Juniper berries themselves will bring out a whole host of flavours!

How was gin invented?

Some of the first records of gin relate to its medicinal use. Juniper berries, one of gin’s main ingredients, was mixed with wine to help alleviate stomach problems in the 16th century. This, through the addition of various gin botanicals and the introduction of tonics, became the more recognisable G&T that we know today.

Exmoor Distillery John Smith

When did gin become popular?

Gin, like many other spirits, has had its ups and downs in national popularity. It’s first claim-to-fame came in the 16th and 17th century when the British government paved the way for unlicensed gin production. This, paired with the tax increase on imported spirits, meant that gin outlets started popping up all over the country!

Fun Fact: This time in England became known as the “Gin Craze”

After a period of restrictions imposed on the production of gin, and after being termed “mother’s ruin” due to those drinking too much of it, the Gin Craze began to wind down.

But, since 2014 gin has made its way back into the limelight (pun intended). As distillers and brands have become more innovative and experimental with the gin they create, customers have been able to explore fun and quirky gin selections! With more and more gin types on the market, more and more gin lovers seem to pop up! It has seen exponential growth since then, and this growth doesn’t show signs of stopping!

Are gin and tonics good for you?

It has long been thought that gin possesses medicinal qualities and it has been used throughout history to aid digestion and relieve symptoms of gout, arthritis, flu, and even liver problems. The main component that contributes to gin’s amazing health-boosting properties is Juniper berries. They contain a range of antioxidants that help to fight infection and disease. Plus, alcohol has long been used as pain relief!

Fun Fact: The antioxidants in Juniper berries can help to smooth out wrinkles!

There are so many amazing gin quiz questions, answers and fun facts out there, and the list really does go on! We’ve learnt so much about this spirit over the years and we love sharing that knowledge with you.

If you would like to learn a little more about how gin is made then pop on down to Exmoor Distillery for a guided tour and a taste of Northmoor Gin! We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am till 5:30 pm. We are often open at the weekends too, but if not you can catch us at a local event or show!

If you can’t make it to the distillery then post your gin questions to one of our social media pages and we’ll be sure to get back to you!