Where it all started…

Since starting Exmoor Distillery in 2018 Nicola and John have worked almost every day building their business and relying on local shops, restaurants and bars to fall in love with their gin as much they enjoyed making it!

From humble beginnings working in her local flower shop when she was just 13, Nicola knew she had to put the hard graft in to make a business succeed. In the early days, John was in the distillery with a small 100L still producing small batches and perfecting recipes, whilst Nicola was out on the road, speaking to bars, restaurants and shops and anyone who’d listen, about their Northmoor Gin.

Today, the picture is a little different. As Exmoor Distillery grows, more hands are needed to help steer the ship and the team has expanded to a group of 4, with part time staff too.

Keeping it local

As a company that prides itself on its location on Exmoor, village setting and local customers; the obvious solution was to hire talented local people… and that’s just what we did!

Meet Ben and Chloe…


Sales Manager

Keeping it in the family, Ben is Nicola and John’s son… can you see the resemblance? Working as the Sales Manager, he has taken pressure off Nicola to be out on the road and is the new smiling face meeting our stockists and introducing our Northmoor Gin range to customers all over the South West and Exmoor.

Originally from Brighton, Ben and his family moved to Somerset in 2019. With a background in sport, finance and recruitment Ben has added a wealth of knowledge to the team and we’re excited for our customers to get to know him. Working alongside family can be tough but Ben takes it in his stride and is on hand to help with all aspects that a small business needs.


Design, Content and Social Media Manager

Aiming to make everything we do in house and authentic to the distillery, Chloe is our Design, Content and Social Media Manager. With a Graphic Design degree to suit, she looks after the digital side of the business and is also our personal IT support as well as designing everything from point of sale, to new labels, directing photoshoots and replying to all our customers lovely comments on our social media.

Born and bred in Minehead and growing up with a farming background on Exmoor; she knows all the locals. Moving up north, she gained a First Class Graphic Design Degree from Lincoln University, before returning to the South West to start her career.

But why work at Exmoor Distillery? Besides great gin and spirits on tap of course! We decided to ask Ben and Chloe some questions on their role and find out a little more about them outside of work…

What do you like most about your role now?


‘Coming from a bigger city life, the location and the fresh country air of Somerset and Devon is a joy to drive around while on my routes.’


‘I really love the balance between designing aspects of the brand and getting to know people online through social media, building connections with our customers. I also love the creativity in directing some of our photoshoots too and hope to put my own stamp on the brand in due course.’

What’s your favourite thing about Exmoor Distillery?


‘How diverse the days are and all the exciting things that come with creating new products and sampling them!’


‘I love the ambitious attitude of everyone here and that’s a credit to Nicola and John who really make things happen with a ‘get it done’ attitude. I also love the fun we have between staff and of course, the tasting days are pretty cool too!’

What’s your favourite way to drink Northmoor Gin?


Highball dartington glass, plenty of ice and 2 slices of lime with whatever tonic I fancy that day.’


‘I really like our Northmoor classic with a Fever Tree Ginger Beer which goes down a treat or a G&T with our Navy Strength and not too much ice.’

What’s an interesting fact about you?


‘I played football as a goalkeeper at Highbury stadium once but never watched a game as a fan, I dug a bit of turf and placed it into my boot as a memento. I then re-planted in the back garden and watched it grow, Mum came along one day and it was gone! I was devastated and have never forgotten about it!’


‘I used to drive ice cream vans up and down the country, working at shows and camping pretty much all summer. Going to Glastonbury and being positioned around the pyramid stage was a highlight and I’m sure there’s a YouTube video of ‘the dancing ice cream lady’ somewhere!!’ 

Any hobbies?


‘Economics, American Politics and Football.’


‘I love walking in the Exmoor countryside, going to tearooms, graphic design, running, netball and watching Formula 1!’

Get in touch…

Have a question for Ben or Chloe? Get in touch with them, they’d be happy to hear from you.


Tel: 07483 157641
Email: ben.strong@


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